Gold Class Premium Auckland Property Service

  Bray Property Management’s gold class property management services

Bray Property Management’s Premium Services & Pricing

Fine residential assets deserve the highest level of attention from those that have the privilege of their upkeep.

Our gold class service is a premium service available to owners who have premium properties. Your manger will be a specialist in this area with access to resources that will ensure the integrity of your top tier asset is maintained.

Your tenants will be used to efficient service from professionals that have the ability to please without compromise.

Repairs and maintenance of quality materials and chattels require specialists in their fields that know how to deliver a product that is second to none, through our extensive contacts your assets will get the care and attention they deserve.

We are a boutique company with an elite Gold Class division, our personnel can tailor our service to suit each individual owner, property and tenant to make sure any specialized requirements are met.

ricing and terms for this service are by negotiation.

A Gold Class contract can operate under a rent percentage or a fixed price, your Gold Class specialist will discuss the requirements of your property and you the owner in detail to make sure expectations are achieved.

To discuss the criteria a property must meet to be Gold Class please contact us today.