Landlord Insurance

Protecting Your Investment With Rental Insurance

Owning a rental property has long been recognised as a sound investment option for New Zealanders wanting to maximise their financial returns. But without proper rental insurance? You face the very real prospect of being left significantly out of pocket should the worst come to pass.

Choosing the right insurance for your rental property, then, is a crucial part of property ownership. As the failure to adequately insure your property can mean the difference between safeguarding your rental income, and facing the prospect of losing the all-important financial stability it provides.

REAL Insurance For New Zealand Landlords

It is part of our responsibility as your Approved Property Management Company to advise you of the risks associated with renting your property, as well as the options available to you as a landlord that provide adequate protection for your investment.

This is why Bray Property Management is a licensed reseller of REAL Landlord Insurance, whose “Landlord Preferred Policy” is a specialist insurance product that provides cover designed to cater for your unique requirements as a landlord.

Landlord insurance is designed to complement your existing building insurance policy, though it does not replace it. As while building insurance covers the property itself, the “Landlord Preferred Policy” extends beyond your property’s four walls, protecting landlords against the risks for which they are most likely to make a claim. Such as tenants causing property damage, failing to pay rent, as well as landlord’s contents or claims brought against you by the New Zealand OSH.

These sorts of landlord-specific risks are often excluded from standard building insurance policies, which may fail to adequately provide protection for your all-important investment. Whereas REAL Landlord Insurance’s “Landlord Preferred Policy” can provide you with valuable peace of mind for just $330.00 incl GST.

Please note that this specialised insurance is only available through approved Property Managers only, and is not available directly to landlords. So to take advantage of this service, simply fill in these forms, return them to us and we will refer your request for immediate cover.

If you require any further assistance with your insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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