Meth Contamination Testing

BPM Has a zero tolerance of illicit drugs in any property we own or manage.

Rental Property Drug Testing Services

Bray Property Management has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to illicit drugs in any rental property we own or manage. By encouraging effective P and Meth contamination testing programs in all of our rental properties, we ensure good, healthy long-term tenancy arrangements for both landlords and tenants.

We believe the involvement of illicit drugs in the tenancy is extremely detrimental to what we are trying to achieve, so we test our own properties regularly and encourage our property owners and landlords to do the same.

The Advantages Of Drug Testing Your Property

  • You’ll have a professional, effective system in place that can identify any traces of illicit drugs early – including p and meth contamination – which will help to minimise the risk for you as the owner, tenants, as well as insurance companies.
  • You’ll have happier tenants, who appreciate the fact that their new home is safe and with the peace of mind that their health is not at risk. This can encourage tenants to remain settled in their properties for longer.
  • You’ll discourage the ‘would be cooks and drug users’ from applying for a tenancy in your property in the first place.   

For more information on keeping your properties free from drug contamination, or to arrange a drug test of your rental property, please contact us.

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