Tenants Frequently Asked Questions

Tenancy Application Procedure

  • Tenants complete an application form to indicate their interest in renting one of our Auckland properties.
  • The application form is processed using a unique points system.
  • The winning tenant is then offered the property.
  • The successful tenant will secure the property as soon as the letting fee and bond have been received, together with the completed contracts.
  • The tenancy will begin when commencement dates are confirmed and keys handed over to the new tenant.


Tenancy Completion

  • Tenant needs to give written notice for the required notice period depending on whether the agreement is for a fixed term or periodic tenancy, this is usually 21 days.
  • The tenants vacate the property.
  • A final inspection is arranged where the property will be checked by the property manager and tenant to account for any damage or loss of rents. If all is okay the bond refund paperwork will be processed once the keys are handed back. Possession is now in the hands of the property manager.
  • After notice has been given the tenant must allow Bray Property Management reasonable access to show the property to prospective tenants.
  • Tenants must finalise all utility accounts.
  • Tenants must leave the property clean and tidy.


Tenancy Inspection Procedure

  • Approximately every 4 months the property will be visited by the property manager for an inspection. During the inspection the property will be checked for any damage or maintenance needing to be done. If the tenant is present a meeting to discuss any issues will be held. All inspections will be recorded and presented to the property owner in a report communicated through email and our website via the owner’s personal login in. The report includes photos and dialogue of the inspection.


Rent Procedure

  • During the “New Tenancy” Process a rent payable date is arranged. The tenant will direct credit their rent on the rent payable date.
  • The rent will be received and tracked through our audited trust account and paid to the property owner’s account via direct credit less any disbursements.
  • Rent arrears are handled via our rent arrears process.


What are the "Move In Costs"? 

  • The tenant will need to pay the letting fee + Bond (= 4 weeks rent) + 1 Weeks rent in advance.
  • All bonds are sent to the Department of Building & Housing, a receipt will be sent from the department confirming this transaction.
  • Bond is lodged with the Department Of Building & Housing and then returned at the end of the tenancy less any tenancy costs or rent arrears.


How often is rent due? 

  • Rent is due weekly unless otherwise negotiated.


Who is responsible for insurance? 

  • The property owner is responsible for acquiring appropriate house and landlord insurance.
  • The tenant insures their belongings (Contents).


Who pays utilities? 

  • The tenant pays for Gas, power, metered water and waste water, phone, internet, non council rubbish removal.


Who pays the rates? 

  • The property owner.


Can I get Sky installed? 

  • Sky can only be installed with the owners written approval.
  • Any damage done to the property by unapproved service contractors is the responsibility of the tenant.


What should I do if I lock myself out? 

  • Call Bray Property Management, callout fees may apply.


What should I do if the property needs urgent repairs and maintenance? 

  • Call Bray Property Management, we will discuss the issue and endeavor to provide a solution. If it is an emergency call us 24/7.