About Bray Property Management Auckland

Bray Property Management is an independent property management company managing, maintaining and servicing rental properties throughout Auckland. Owned and operated by Adrian Bray, his 20+ years of experience ensures clients’ properties are managed to the highest standards.


Industry Qualifications:

All staff hold the New Zealand Certificate in Residential Property Management (Level 4)


The Bray Property Management Difference

At Bray Property Management we don’t sell real estate, we manage it !.

In fact, managing property is our core business so that is what we focus on and this is how we earn our money, we are motivated by an efficient well run  portfolio that delivers returns to our owners and in turn ourselves.

We believe mass market real estate companies are primarily concerned with selling houses and secondly having the largest number of units under management as possible, we feel this model often disappoints rental house providers.

We are a boutique company who love what we do, which is why our approach to property management is one of articulate, methodical management of our clients’ residential assets, ensuring they’re maintained and financially viable both now and into the future.

Why Use Bray Property Management to Manage Your Auckland Property?

To own a property of any description is one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer: there’s nothing like coming home to your own home. Taking this a step further and becoming a landlord is a fantastic way to not only build long term wealth, but also security for you and your family.

Yet not everyone enjoys, or even has the time, required to manage their investments on a daily basis. For example, you may want to concentrate your energies on growing your portfolio, or spend more time enjoying your free time with the family.

This is where Bray Property Management’s array of property management and landlord services truly shine, by providing an exclusive service that ensures the day-to-day requirements of your portfolio are fully managed and maintained.

Our services remove the personality from the financial equation. Operating your rental property with the assistance of our professional systems that can increase yield and reduce your administration tasks and stress.

When you bring Bray Property Management on board, we’ll assist you in ensuring your investments are performing with maximum return and minimal stress. In turn allowing you to step away from the daily grind knowing that your property is in our safe, experienced hands.

Our Real-World Property Management Experience

  • We’re experienced property owners, landlords and investors just like you, with our own rental portfolio.
  • We have 20+ years of experience managing, maintaining and renovating rental properties.
  • We are able to act as a filter between both sides of the tenancy, and have experience in dispute resolution.


Landlord Of The Year 2016

  • Adrian Bray (Principle) was awarded runner up in this prestigious award




The Benefits of Using Bray Property Management

  • We will become an important member of your investment team who communicates on the ground information back to you, enabling better decision making in the process.
  • We will consistently monitor the tenancy and property with regular inspections.
  • We ensure rent is paid on time, that any tenancy issues are resolved with haste, and attend tenancy tribunal hearings should the need arise.
  • We can arrange for maintenance tasks to be completed in a timely manner.
  • We abide by the PROMINZ property management code of practice.
  • We hold professional Indemnity and public liability Insurance.
  • We operate an audited trust account for all rents and owner income.
  • We utilize management strategies that maximize cash flow for your rental portfolio.
  • A robust system for quality tenant selection.
  • We guarantee a consistency of service.
  • We don’t sell property, we manage it, so you will not be peppered with offers from a sales division to sell your properties.
  • We provide technology-driven, cloud-based access to your accounts and inspection data so you can monitor your property’s performance 24/7.
  • We offer photo and video property inspections.


About Adrian Bray – Owner & Operator of Bray Property Management


Adrian Bray is the owner and operator of the company, with over 20 years of experience successfully investing in - and managing - residential and commercial property in Auckland. He puts this experience to use with his specialized and dedicated team to ensure all properties and tenants are managed to an exceptionally high standard and provide profitable outcomes to his clients.

Passionate about property, Adrian believes the benefits of owning residential property in New Zealand – whether as an investment or owning your own home – are second to none. He’s always held the belief that regardless of location, delivering the best quality home with the highest possible service to the best tenants will deliver a healthy long term tenancy that is rewarding for all involved.

Adrian doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. His own property portfolio is immaculately maintained, his property renovations have added real value in terms of yield and capital gain, and his tenants are happy and stay long-term.

This is demonstrated by 90% of his tenants staying for five years or more, with the longest tenancy lasting 20 years.

Alongside residential property Adrian has successfully developed, owned and operated up to nine Subway restaurants over a 12-year period.  He was responsible for the entire process of store development and all operations, including directly managing approximately 40 employees at any one time.   

His ability to develop successful restaurants is a direct result of his strong skills in commercial lease negotiation, store design, council consents, project management of store construction, hiring staff, setting up effective POS and operational systems as well as local marketing.

Adrian’s wealth of experience across the areas of property investment, people and business is the perfect combination to provide a high quality property management service that delivers consistency, reliability and results.


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